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It's Time for
Public Sector to Migrate Legacy Voice Systems to the Cloud

Connect Government with the Power of Digital

Is your organization still using separate applications and services for voice calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen-sharing and other essential functions? If so, it’s time to take a close look at CenturyLink®  Government Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). 

Why bring together your organization’s voice, video, voicemail, instant messaging, presence, conferencing and web collaboration on a single platform? With easier deployment, secure interoperability, predictability and manageable costs, why wouldn’t you? With CenturyLink Government UCaaS, your agency can accelerate to cloud applications in no time – all while maintaining standards-based practices and infrastructure compliance. 

Fast Fact:

Nearly 7 out of 10 public sector organizations say unified communications is an important priority.

Overall Better Manageability of your Allocated Budget Dollars

By migrating to a managed cloud-based PBX, you do not lose control of your phone system. Rather, you optimize redundancy and increase scalability without a new capital investment. With CenturyLink Government UCaaS, you can easily grow or shrink your number of seats as the size of your organization changes. 

Your dollars can be stretched further in an OPEX model. Consider these examples:

  • Transparent costs.
  • Easier to realize your ROI.
  • Costs become easier to anticipate.
  • Predictable budget.
  • Reduced sourcing.
Less equipment reduces operating costs and maintenance fees.

Increase Productivity by Staying Connected

Cut the cord to save time.

Traditional phone systems are designed around specific devices. With cloud applications, however, you are able to easily and effectively communicate regardless of the hardware. Your desk phone would still be compatible even within the cloud environment. 

Your number will follow you throughout your day. Work mobile or wherever you want. Use a PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone or office phone. Android or iOS, the choice is yours.

Here are a few of the many features you’ll enjoy:


Multi-Device Ringing

It’s easy for calls to follow you. Simply choose to have one or more of the devices you use ring at once or in sequence. Fewer calls are missed and important work keeps moving.


Presence / Instant Messaging

CenturyLink® Cloud services display your status so others can see whether you are available, busy, in a meeting, mobile or offline. Custom fields let you write your own personal status updates and set your location as well.


Multimodal Communications

Start a conversation on your laptop at your desk and end it on your phone as you drive home with just a click of a button. All the information you need on important projects, such as chat messages, voice and video recordings and important documents, is on a single thread.


Mobile Clients

Use your mobile device in multiple locations as if you were sitting in your office – all from one integrated solution.  Any of the communication functions you normally use on your desktop are available for use on your mobile device.  

End Admin Headaches

Reduce your IT burden by shifting technology investments and maintenance to a single service provider. You no longer need separate applications for chat, voice, video and web conferencing. Instead, you get a single, fully integrated and centrally managed solution.

You also get flexibility. Easily tailor your new services to support the many job functions in your organization – from office-based professionals to field-based mobile workers.

The move to cloud infrastructure can be simple.

Working with a trusted partner and subject matter expert like CenturyLink, your deployment will be better, faster and more convenient. 

Call Center Productivity

Streamline Your Communications Today

Contact CenturyLink for an assessment of how moving to cloud communication services can help your organization work smarter and fulfill its mission.  We specialize in solutions for federal, state and local government agencies as well as educational institutions of all sizes.

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