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Is Your Organization Maximizing Its Ability to Meet Your 

Why your team’s communication needs should be a key focus

It’s 2018, and shockingly, many organizations still don’t have a single, unified communications solution to serve their decentralized workforce. Are your communications solutions integrated and simple to use? Do your communications systems allow for your teams to easily find each other, ask a quick question, share their screen and efficiently tackle tasks as if they were in the same office?

34% of all Federal Government employees participate in the Federal Telework program1

Teleworking employees save energy and help to relieve numerous traffic problems inherent with traditional commuting. And when disasters strike, teleworking improves the ability of government employees to continue critical Government operations during a crisis.

37% telecommuting

On average, telecommuters rely on more communications tools than their onsite counterparts.2

Yet 45% of organizations lack a telework-friendly, integrated solution for voice, video and data.3

45% say lack of tools

What’s more, 40% of public sector organizations say their current network isn’t sufficient to meet their needs.4

40% of public sector organizations say their current network isn’t sufficient to meet their needs

GSA recommends that you have a seamless transition when working remotely

Forward your office phone, answer emails, instant messages online, and phone calls promptly. Can your organization support these best practices? 5

According to the GSA Mobility and Telework Policy, employees are responsible for meeting organizational and work team requirements, including but not limited to all requirements regarding communication, accessibility, and collaboration.

Enable your organization to communicate in today’s already complex world


Expand your telework capabilities on a wide range of devices, while maintaining secure, remote access, and

Connect remote colleagues with their workplace culture by enhancing their collaborative experience,


All while meeting all of your agency’s security and policy protocols.

Achieve your mission by implementing CenturyLink® Government Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

GES How To Achieve UC

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