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7 Proven Steps


Migrate Legacy Voice Systems to the Cloud

Expensive, outdated systems, ongoing operational inefficiencies, and the need to meet new infrastructure compliance are pushing Government agencies to seek next generation communication and collaboration capabilities through cloud-based solutions.

While upgrading your systems to the cloud isn't plug-n-play, we have some tips to make it less cumbersome.

Keep reading to see how organizations can minimize disruption while moving to CenturyLink® Government Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS).

1 Build Executive

Make sure your top administrators and IT team are an integral part the solution selection process. They’ll also help you boost internal support and build enthusiasm from the top-down.

2 Give Employees new, easy collaboration features

In addition to HD-quality voice, make use of video conferencing, contact lists, desktop and application sharing, instant messaging and presence info. Integrate your new capabilities with the applications you already use. Streamline and bring everything together instead of using random applications in a disjointed way.

3 open up the dialogue
with your teams

Get employees excited about what they will be able to do with the new cloud communication services!  Start promoting these real life examples:  “Your phone will ring through to you wherever you are.” “ Easily communicate with others across multiple locations as if they were in the same building.” “Online meetings will run more smoothly.” Creating a before and after feature set helps individuals visualize the improvements that are coming.


Set up a
user group

Identify who your power users are and make sure you’ve selected features that account for everyone’s needs. Power users can help you shape your new tools to better support the whole organization by trying out new capabilities first and serving as evangelists for your new services.

5 Make Learning 

Promptly share the operational guides you will receive.  Write “how to” tips on white boards. Leave cheat sheets around the office. Attach sticky notes to phones. Set up a new user on day one of hiring and get your staff to send them a welcome text or conference invitation.

6 Offer Demos

Most cloud phone system solutions are highly intuitive. But the more you know up front, the more productive you can be during and after the transition. Demonstrate how easy it is to install the apps on your mobile device, set up conferencing or video demos with colleagues, and even show how you can pull calls from one device to another.

7 Engage all of
your sites

Make sure that remote workers and branch office employees don’t feel left out. Offer them the chance to be early adopters and to train staff at your primary location. It will turn the tables and make them feel involved.

Reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and improve productivity with CenturyLink Government UCaaS

If you’d like to know more about cloud-based Unified Communications solutions, visit CenturyLink online, or reach out to our experts for advice.

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